Posted by: Scott | Monday, January 22, 2007

Thoughts on 4,000 Murders

Today was the day 34 years ago that the Supreme Court played Congress and President and signed ruled into law that murder within the embryo abortion was an acceptible practice becasue of Constitutional personal privacy assumptions rights. Today, about 4,000 babies blobs of tissue were murdered aborted. Since the legalization of this practice, over 40,000,000 abortions have occured.

My regular readers know that I am staunchly pro-life. For crisis pregnancy situations (rape, incest, out of control hormones, etc…), the best route may very well be for the mother not to raise the child. However that does not mean she should play God and determine that the child should die because of the circumstances that brought about the conception.

If my dad were speeding in his truck, would the police be justified in bypassing him and then ticketing me for his offense while I was at work? All too often, this is what happens in real life situations involving a mother and her unborn son or daughter. The sin of the father (and sometimes her own) is ignored and the sacrificial payment to the god of self is made with the unborn child serving as the sacrifice and the womb as the alter.

Some good quotes to think upon:

It is because there is a personal-infinite God who has made men and women in His own image that they have a unique dignity of life as human beings. Human life then is filled with dignity, and the state and humanistically oriented law have no right and no authority to take human life arbitrarily in the way it is being taken. (Francis Schaeffer; seen on

National Sanctity of Human Life Day serves as a reminder that we must value human life in all forms, not just those considered healthy, wanted, or convenient. Together, we can work toward a day when the dignity and humanity of every person is respected. (President George W. Bush)

Just as the abolitionists fought against slavery and the Allied forces against Nazism, so must conservatives and all true defenders of life rise up and put an end to our generation’s manifestation of genocide. Abortionthe senseless killing of innocent children masquerading as a woman’s “right to choose”must be stopped. (Tieki Rae)

Nothing—nothing—in the professional qualifications of obstetricians and gynecologists gives them standing to adopt policies that predictably will have, and seem intended to have, the effect of increasing abortions in the service of an especially repulsive manifestation of today’s entitlement mentality—every parent’s “right” to a perfect baby. Happily, that mentality is not yet universal: 214 American families are looking for Down syndrome children to adopt. (George Will; emphasis added)

Praying that the nation I love will turn from her acceptance of  abortion.


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