Posted by: Scott | Monday, January 22, 2007

Truly Sad Day

SI points out this article from FOXNews.

Researchers in England, citing unpaid holiday bills, rotten weather and people’s realization that they likely won’t live up to their New Year’s resolutions, say Jan. 22 is the unhappiest day of 2007.

Cliff Arnall, a Cardiff University psychologist, devised the depressing formula.

His equation takes into account six factors: weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling a need to take action.

Taken together, they calculate to equal “Blue Monday.”

I would figure that July 4 would be the most depressing day for the Brits, but apparently it hits sooner. However, there’s hope:

All is not doom and gloom, however, as a survey of 85 percent of people in Britain expect to be happier in the future than they are now, a psychological study for Standard Life Bank found.

Scots were the most optimistic, followed by people in the South West, while people from London and the West Midlands had the least positive outlook on life, researchers discovered.

Scots were the most optimistic!!!! That makes me as an American feel much better as my heritage traces back to Scotland.

However, just because the Brits say that this is the most depressing day doesn’t make it so. There is something more depressing than debt, failed resolutions, and how long ago Christmas was (even furher away: next Christmas 🙂 ). What is more depressing you ask? Click here.


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