Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trauner Pulls an Al Gore and Still Loses

Yesterday bitter Sheridan County Dems began doing a non-binding recount  (translated document review).

The results are that

  • Rep. Barbara Cubin (R) will not be non-binding uncertified as the victor in last November’s election.
  • Furthermore, Gary Trauner (D) will not be non-binding certified as victor in same said election.
  • Gary Trauner (D) will not be be non-binding sworn in as co-Representative of Wyoming, nor shall he attain the non-binding position of “Real Representative.”

Out of more than 11,000 ballots, six showed up with ambiguous votes that were successfully not counted by the machines (as is supposed to be). The Dems had hoped to undermine the new voting system that they had demanded after the close election results from the Presidential race in 2000. Sheridan County officials were heard gloating over the fact that even though the voters may mess up their ballots, the machines know what a proper vote is and properly reject it rather than trying to figure out what the voter meant.

Wyoming law does not allow for a hand recount of ballots, nor does it allow for picking and choosing counties, districts, or precincts to recount if one is automatically mandated by a less than one half of one percent margin or requested by a candidate.

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate and Vice President turned docudrama producer, Al Gore said that the results of the close race for Wyoming’s lone House seat were probably due to GOP abuse of his famous invention, the internet, and rapidly melting snow in the Big Horn Mountains, contributing to avalanche danger on Sylvan Pass at Yellowstone National Park’s East Gate, caused by an inflated ownership of SUV’s in the state.

Even in the Sheridan County ambiguous race, Rep. Cubin appeared to win with four votes that were probably her’s, and one vote a piece for Gary Trauner and Liberaltarian Thomas Rankin. There was no change in the vote count of the clearly marked proper votes. The Dems were happy that their party’s reputation was not harmed nor helped in the recount process.


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