Posted by: Scott | Friday, January 26, 2007

Sen. Kerry Gives Non-Binding ’08 Concession

Earlier this week, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) pre-emptively conceded from the 2008 Democrat Presidential nomination process in a non-binding sense of personal felling.

“With the recent wave of non-binding resolutions coming out of the Democrat-controlled Congress, including a non-binding recount that recently took place at the request of Democrat leaders in a Wyoming county, I decided that it would be appropriate to make my ’08 concession non-binding, even though I won’t be seeking the nomintion,”  said Kerry in an interview after his Senate floor speech.

Sen’s Kennedy and Reid (D and D) eulogized the death of Sen. Kerry’s  presidential aspirations. Many CSPAN viewers thought that Sen. Kerry had actually died due to the emotion expressed in their speeches.



  1. He would dead in the water if he ran. I think he was just saving himself from total humiliation. And won’t we all miss that sweet-talking, warm-hearted wife of his. Kennedy and especially Reid sounded llike they were talking about a lover, not a fellow Senator.

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