Posted by: Scott | Thursday, February 1, 2007

Heterosexual Couple Watching Debate

Well, our state legislative branch has been hard at work here in the Cowboy State. Needless to say, they’ve been going almost too fast for me to keep up. I was perusing my bloglines susbscriptions at lunch and came across a post on Sunflower Desert that highlighted the Senate passing the semi-controversial bill (depending on where you stand), Senate File 13. I further read and discovered that the media seems to think that homosexuals are the only ones interested in this legislation. Hence the title headline of this post.

To be fair (unlike certain other media) a brief profile of said blogger and family can be found here.

I happen to agree with the editor/owner of Sunflower Desert (an occasional commenter here on my blog) that the bill has been severely misinterpreted. Homosexuals (gays, lesbians, etc…) are human. However, no one said we have to be accepting of a human’s sinful lifestyle.

The bill allows for Wyoming to not recognize same-sex marriages performed in states other than Wyoming. Wyoming law already states that marriages performed within the state are to be between one man and one woman. If the bill clears the House and the Governor’s signature, then the law will be just a bit more clear on Wyoming values, and though it may not have been the intent of the Senators, it will have biblical support. Although “Wytammic” couldn’t brag about her “Republican” Senator taking a stand, I am pleased to report that I can brag about my (real) Republican Senator (Hank Coe) standing for what is right.



  1. Oh, it must be sweet having a “real” Republican Senator instead of some pro-death, pro-gay, libertarian candidate that runs as a “Republican” to represent you. And our “Republican” senator was just re-elected, running unopposed. Yay for another 4 years of this [nonsense]!

    Edited @ 7:58 AM MST 2-2-07 by Scott for decency

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