Posted by: Scott | Friday, February 2, 2007

One Reason WY Should Have Killed DST

OK, so the overnight workers implications weren’t a huge sale on eliminating Daylight Savings Time from Wyoming. Instead, commerce concerns ruled the day and the wearisome practice lives on in the state.

But, did the law makers (or any common citizen) consider this until now? Think about your computers, VCR’s, TV’s and other tech devices that “know” we spring forward on the first Sunday in April, not the second Sunday of March.

Will we survive the mini-Y2K, or did the US Congress (and the Wyo. Legislature) fail to consider the implications of “saving energy.” Ironically, on the first day of DST this year, there will be less daylight than there was on the first day of DST last year. Daylight, of course, being one of those natural ocurrances that saves energy by allowing us to not have lights on, etc…

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  1. Hi Scott —
    I love DLS — please don’t let it go away. If we all just go to Wal-Mart this month and stock up on toilet paper, toothpaste, cream of mushroom soup, etc … we will survive this DLS Y2K ordeal — I PROMISE!!!

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