Posted by: Scott | Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Possible Solution

Closed National Park?I was listening to Speak Your Piece yesterday and the guest (a Liberaltarian) gave a potential solution to the East Gate closure.

The little bit of highway that comes from the North Gate out of the Northeast Gate into Wyoming and back into MT is maintained in the winter because the people of Cooke City need access to their county seat, Livingston (north of Gardiner/North Gate).

Wyoming State Statute guides the procedure for formation of new counties. So, all we have to do is get Park County (WY) and Teton County merged, which would create not only a massive land area for a county in Wyoming, but also an interesting political dichotomy in the new county. A county seat would have to be chosen (likely either Jackson Hole or Cody).

Residents on both sides of the parks would have to have access to the county seat, the shortest route going through Teton and Yellowstone Parks. Therefore, the East and South Gates and the route in between would have to remain open year-round.

Edited by Scott on 2-3-07 to add statutory info and correct spelling


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