Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Get Power Elswehere

So the polls keep saying that more and more Wyomingites support bringing the multi-state lottery into our boarders. Doesn’t mean that it’s the correct thing for the state, just means that more and more of us support it. I for one do not support it.

Therefore I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard on the 10 o’clock news the lottery bill was once more, voted down. Last year, the decision came down to one vote, so I was doubly surprised when the bill failed on a vote of 27-31. Though the reason was not on moral implications (lower income individuals spending the milk money on the low chance of winning millions, the environment that gambling attracts, etc…) and rather on “It will only net the state $1.4 million…” I still am pleased that the House said no one more time.

The vote was as follows:

Ayes: Representative(s) Bagby, Blake, Brown, Childers, Craft, Diercks, Edwards, Esquibel, F., Esquibel, K., Gilmore, Illoway, Landon, Lubnau, Martin, McOmie, Mercer, Millin, Olsen, Samuelson, Slater, Steward, Thompson, Throne, Wallis, Walsh, White, and Zwonitzer, Dn..

Nays: Representative(s) Alden, Anderson, R., Berger, Brechtel, Buchanan, Cohee, Davison, Dockstader, Edmonds, Gingery, Goggles, Hallinan, Hammons, Harshman, Harvey, Iekel, Jaggi, Jones, Jorgensen, Lockhart, Madden, Meyer, Miller, Petersen, Philp, Quarberg, Semlek, Shepperson, Simpson, Teeters and Warren

Absent: Representative(s) Zwonitzer, Dv.

Conflicts: Representative(s) Gentile

Good to see that Rep. Simpson (R-Cody, HD 24) got it right in spite of Rep. Childers (R-Cody, HD 50) not getting it right. Yea, HD 50 is where I live….


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