Posted by: Scott | Saturday, February 10, 2007

SI Members Debating “America’s Mayor ’08”

Over on the forum side of Sharper Iron, a discussion has arisen regarding the potential of a GOP nominee named Rudi Gulliani. There is a poll attached to it, asking if he did get the GOP nomination, would you vote for him, the Democrat, a 3rd Party candidate, or not vote at all. The poll results so far  show just over a third of the respondents would vote 3rd Party.

Of course, if you’re not a member of SI, you can’t comment/vote on that thread, but, if you’d like to decently express your 2¢ on the matter as a non-SI member, you may do so here.



  1. 3rd party all the way. When people ask what I will do if Guiliani and/or McCain get the nomination, I say (and truly mean) that I will start my own 3rd party if necessary. I guess (and it kind of pains me to say this, haha) McCain wouldn’t be quite as bad as Guiliani since he is somewhat pro-life, but either of them would truly be horrible.

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