Posted by: Scott | Sunday, February 11, 2007

“what normal people do in spare time”

I don’t usually get interesting/strange/peculiar search terms in my blog stats, but this one caused a chuckle and contemplative thought:

what normal people do in spare time

I have to wonder: does this make me normal? Or do I just provide spare time activity accounts of normal people? If I am normal, that would be a huge accomplishment, since I don’t recall anyone ever calling me normal (though I do claim to be the most normal person on earth compared to myself), and still othrs that adimantly claim normal is just a setting on your dryer.

Wow…normal and a better uniter than Sen./Presidential Candidate Obama (D-IL)!



  1. That is a very interesting set of search terms. I wonder more about the person who searched for that. Are they normal? Do they want to know what is considered to be normal to check if they are normal? What do they think of your site and the “crazy conservative religious articulate” people who comment here? Do they think this is normal? Do they think it is cool to make fun of people who accidently called Duncan Hunter “Duncan Hines”? Hahaha…

    And just for clarification, I am eating much healthier now… or more colorfully at least. This morning’s breakfast will be code red mountain dew and starbursts. :-p Gotta make do with what I’ve got, and that’s it!

  2. The only problem is that no one commented about normal people and their spare time, so I don’t know what the person thinks of me, my thoughts, my site, or anyone that has commented here, including crazy, religious, articulate, conservatives that inadvertently swap baking brands with politicians, and have a strong craving for lots of sugar at breakfast 😉 They/he/she didn’t want to know about being cool, just normal.

    These are good things to ask indeed. For the record, I don’t have much room to speak on the sugary breakfast. I just don’t blog about it 😀

    Besides, I don’t even know when breakfast is supposed to be after working three years (and counting) overnights and almost a year (and counting) cleaning motel rooms.

  3. Here’s an interesting search that showed up today:

    what is a statistical anomaly?

    Now I’m presumably normal and a statistical anomaly. Does this mean being normal is rare?

  4. Hey Tieki —

    Are you thinking those Starbursts fall under the fruit category in the food pyramid? Just checking.

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