Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TN Lawmaker: Certify Death-by-Abortion

Well, here in the Cowboy State, certain Liberaltarian-Republicarats seem to think that a woman shouldn’t be presented with options when choosing abortion. After all, it’s the woman’s choice.

But over in Tennesee, there’s a state legislator that has his head on his shoulders:

The move would help track how many abortions are performed, said Representative Stacey Campfield, who introduced the bill. But it also could create a public record of which women are having abortions.

“All these people who say they are pro-life — at least we would see how many lives are being ended out there by abortions,” Campfield said.

Other states are going for the near all-out ban:

In South Dakota, lawmakers who watched voters turn down a proposed near-total ban on abortions last year have revived the legislation. Mississippi also considered a near-total ban last year, and Utah has legislation in progress that would ban abortion except for rape, incest and saving the mother’s health.

Amazingly enough, Planned Un-Parenthood has yet to condemn the introduced bill.

Edit: another pro-life piece of legislation has entered the Cheyenne battleground. HT: Sunflower Desert


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