Posted by: Scott | Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not Your Typical Commercial Airliner

Rare Sight at YRASaw this sitting at Yellowstone Regional Airport on my way to clean rooms this morning. At first I thought one of the carriers had redesigned their plane, but then I got to thinking something was just too different.

I pulled over, got out of the car and went right up to the fence. Upon examination of the plane markings, at the top of the cabin, I could read United States of America. The blue line across the bottom completed the picture of a miniature Air Force One. I couldn’t help but wonder who was in town. One of our D.C. delegates? The V.P.? A cabinet officer? Surely, this was not Nancy Pelosi’s transport. It seemed far too small to be for her.

I proceeded on to the motel. We were swamped last night and thus there were many rooms to clean for tonight’s guests. Some men in uniform had gathered in the lobby, awaiting a fax. I asked if they had a mini Air Force One sitting at the airport. Sure did! It was such an honor to have military folks staying with us that I completely forgot about asking if they were the only ones on the flight.



  1. That’s pretty cool. I’ve seen Air Force Two only once when we were in Jackson. šŸ™‚ See, people totally underestimate the awesomeness of living in Wyoming. And though I’m sure that other towns and cities and states have military people visit, they probably never notice because there are so many people there to begin with!

  2. Doesn’t Dick Cheney have a house in Jackson? Or maybe that’s Taos?

    I love flying out of those tiny airports. You can get to the airport really late and still make your flight. I think the Idaho Falls airport was the best. It had like two gates!

  3. I just remembered that I got to see AF1 (from a distance) in Phoenix when I was down there (ironic, huh?) from quite a distance. President Bush was flying in for some event in the metro area, It was one of two times that I remember seeing the Phoenix skies empty.

    Tiekie, on top of what you said about the awesomeness of living in WY and military people visiting, I would like to add (and will) that Cody is a huge pro-military town. In our 2005 Independence Day parade, we had (now former) Army Chief of Staff Gen. Schumacher as Grand Marshall.

    Jennifer, the Cheney’s are actually from Wilson, WY, a small town right near Jackson. If you’ve ever been to or heard of the Flying W, there is a similar operation (though about half the size) called the Bar J located in Wilson (though when talking to tourists, we often say that it is near Jackson).

    There are just two gates here at YRA. One huge advantage of YRA (besides the TV in the waiting area being tuned to FOX News) is that there is free parking, no matter how long you park.

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