Posted by: Scott | Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yes, I Changed Stuff

Howdy all! Like the new look? Wondering if things are just randomly moving about here from day to day? Yes, I did change some things, including my theme. Not for dislike of the old one, just wondered about this one. Will probably do some more playing with it to get it just right.

The sidebars have also undergone change. I know that for a while, they were not my usual sidebars. That was because somehow I had saved the default sidebar settings and my computer was not allowing me to customize the widget locales. I was overjoyed when my computer started cooperating in this matter.

One widget that is new (even the team hasn’t “gone public” with this yet) is the New and Improved Guestmap, powered by Platial.It has required some self-teaching since there is no post (yet), but it is fun to do that every now and then.

Basically, it’s like the old guestmap in that you can add markers and comments on the map and it’s still a Google Maps-based system. You can also comment on others markers. Seems pretty neat, so I’m giving it a try. To do this, add the Platial MapKit widget to one of your sidebars and you’ll be prompted to create a Platial account, then you’re ready to go!

There’s also another new widget (as of yet unreported), that feature top clicks. I have titled it Where my Readers Go From Here. I have also added the Page index to the bottom of the left sidebar incase you want to go to one of the other pages after perusing the sidebar content 🙂


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