Posted by: Scott | Monday, February 19, 2007

Now I Know What’s Wrong

I’m really not that picky of an eater. I know many will contest this, but now I have an excuse:

If the flavor of spinach makes you cringe, some beers are just too bitter, and you don’t like much mayonnaise on your sandwich, you may not just be a picky eater.

You could be one of the 25 percent of the population who are supertasters: individuals who have heightened oral sensations from foods and beverages.

“Supertasters live in a different oral sensory world than nontasters, who also make up about 25 percent of the population,” says Valerie Duffy, an associate professor of allied health. This may explain why supertasters and nontasters have different food and beverage likes and dislikes.

Found this out when I visited Neil’s blog. Turns out you just need one other than the original poster to come out about it, and you discover there are more than you think.



  1. Yessss. This is a very good excuse indeed. Although, I may be more of a “medium taster” than a “supertaster” because I absolutely loooove mayonnaise on my sandwiches.

  2. I thought I’d find Tiek over here commenting on just such an article. 🙂

  3. Supertasters report a higher level of bitterness in spinach, broccoli, grapefruit, alcoholic beverages, dark chocolate, and strong coffee. They have less preference for foods that are rich in sugar and fat and avoid foods that are creamy, such as ice cream and mayonnaise, because they “don’t like the feeling of fatty foods in their mouths,” Duffy says. Supertasters are also more sensitive to irritants like the capsicum in chili peppers and the bubbles in carbonated water.

    After further review, I too could be more in that medium category as I love my ice cream (though I detest Mayo and similar products) and I also like my sugar foods (particularly if the coffee is reeeeeeeeeeeeeealy strong). However, when I eat a steak, I do a pretty good job of trimming off all the fat, because I don’t like the feel of it in my mouth (been that way since I was a kid).

    Told Mom and Dad about this and they don’t believe me.b How could they not believe top-notch research in our nation’s institutes of higher learning???

  4. See, I can only do ice cream every so often and I definitely hate fatty meats – I’m surprised my mom didn’t comment about that one, haha. I always cut off all the fat (leaving a mere fraction of what was originally there) and I’m uber picky about chicken and pork and, yeah, everything.

    Perhaps your parents would believe you if this information came from a more renowned, prestigious university… say for instance… Cornell? 😉

  5. I’ll put you in charge of finding the info on HSTBS published by Cornell. It would be a great conversation starter on the HSTBS+ Support Blog

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