Posted by: Scott | Monday, March 5, 2007

How’s Your Religion Knowledge?

How well do you know about the religions of the world? Here is an interesting survey from Newsweek. The questions can be a bit tricky, so don’t be too impulsive on your answers (but don’t cheat and Google either)! Oh, and also, did you notice something weird about the scoring system??? So have a number of us!

HT: Sharper Iron



  1. Wow, interesting is right! I was doing great until we got to the Mormon book question… and obviously, “the book of Mormon” escaped me at the time, so I went with “the book of latter-day saints” and newsweek got all cute and said no, it was the Bible. 🙂 That took me from 100% to 80% which was quite odd, given that it was a 15 question quiz… not a 5 question quiz. I slowly made my way back up to 92% when I wrongly said the Dali Lama was Hindu instead of Buddhist, so I ended up with an 87%. Whew!

    I can’t decide which was my favorite question though, the Mormon-polygamy one or Ramadan being a Jewish holiday. 🙂

    P.S. I thought your binary code signature on Sharper Iron was hilarious. Especially because I don’t understand binary code, but my engineering friends make nerdy jokes about it all the time.

  2. I managed to pass both Mormon questions, but I had to analyze the nuances of the answers very closely. I hated saying that the Bible was a Mormon book (since the Bible didn’t originate with Mormonism), but at the same time, I recognized that they used the Bible. I was tempted to say Book of LDS for fear that maybe since they didn’t like being called Mormons anymore, they had changed the title of their more-popular religious book.

    The polygamy question was another that needed much analysis since the modern main stream doesn’t teach it, but the old-timers in the rural parts of AZ and UT hold to it.

    Maybe the MSM really like Romney so they had to soften up the Mormon questions.

    Thanks for the complement on the signature. Not sure where I saw it, but I got a good laugh out of it when I saw it and have had it as my SI sig ever since.

    edit: I just retook the quiz for fun and intentionally missed the LDS/Polygamy question. My score was 100% up to the intentional miss, dropped to 92 after the miss, and took two questions to gain 1% point. Finished with a 93.

  3. Just pointed out on SI: Same instructor, different quiz format. Plus, you have to calculate your own score!

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