Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 10, 2007

It’s That Time of Year Again (for the first time)

For those of you that live in states practicing Daylight Savings Time, twenty four hours from now (3:30ish AM MST) will actually be 25 hours from now (4:30ish AM MDT) with a hint of feeling like 23 hours from now (what happened to 2:30ish AM???). And guess what: your favorite tech devices may not like the new start and end dates for DST.

Though most of us enjoy the payoff—daylight stretching later into the evening—we’re never too thrilled with losing an hour of sleep. Of course, that’s not the only inconvenience inherent in springing forward this year—computers and electronics of various stripes have long been programmed to change the time according to a schedule that has been in place for decades.

If you’re running anything below Windows Vista, you’ll need to update at Microsoft’s Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center. It’s not all that hard (small download; good for dial-connections like mine) and if you have automatic updates enabled, you’re probably already good to go (you’ll find out if you go to install the patch and you get a message saying your system is already updated).

Mac’s and handheld devices may need updated and be sure that if you have an older VCR, TV, or even a camcorder/digital camera that you disable the auto-set time feature (yea, break out the owner’s manual and change the time manually).

Sigh… If only Wyoming had exempted from DST….


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