Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Good Reads

Tieki Rae recently went to cheer (and jeer) some speeches in DC for a (seemingly mostly) pro-Israel group. I have sought out the transcripts of the best and will be adding them to this post as I find them 😉

Text of Cheney speech to AIPAC (excerpt below):

I also want to recognize the many students who have come from across the country — even some, I’m told, from Wyoming.

Welcome to Washington. It’s great to see you all here. We’re here today as citizens from different parts of the country, diverse backgrounds, many professions and various political affiliations. Yet we find unity and strength in the values of liberty and equality and our belief in democracy and the rule of law and in our devotion to the security of America’s friend, the state of Israel.



  1. Yay Dick Cheney!

  2. Oh, so I just went to read the transcript again and it makes me so happy because I keep thinking, “I was there!” 🙂 But, I think my favorite part was when he said, “I stand here today as a strong supporter of Israel, and Israel has never had a better friend in the White House than George Bush.” And though the transcript says there were cheers and applause, it does not mention that there was a standing ovation at that point too! 🙂

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