Posted by: Scott | Thursday, March 15, 2007

City Hires Drivers for Problem Light

Recently complaints have been pouring into the offices of Cody’s City Hall regarding the stoplight at 13th and Stampede. At least one person from the Cody area has expressed concern that the 13th St. traffic-sensitive stoplight can be triggered by traffic passing through a green light on Stampede.

“It’s really annoying when a car two blocks in front of you passes through the (Stampede) green light and you’re left waiting at a red light to stop for absolutely no traffic on 13th.” one driver (who wished to remain anonymous) said.

To alleviate the problem of waiting for “absolutely no traffic,” the city has recently hired drivers to sit parked on the north and south bound sides of 13th just outside of the sensors’ range.

In a phone interview, the City Administrator’s secretary stated “If a car on Stampede passes through the green light and effects one or more drivers to have to stop for non-traffic, each 13th St. driver will pass through the intersection to make the impeded driver feel less inconvenienced. This will save us from having to wait another eighteen months for a new stoplight system.”

Additional info:
The drivers will be in unmarked cars so as not too look like they are “the city fill-in drivers.” 



  1. This is AWESOME!! Why have I not seen this on the wire???

  2. We have a hard enough time trying to get the national press to cover the goings on of the Yellowstone Park admin trying to close the East Gate to winter use (and thus Cody’s winter economy). Why would they cover a unique fix to a stoplight problem? 🙂

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