Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gray is the New Brown

So the other day I’m cleaning one of the motel room sinks. I glance in the mirror and have a hard time believing what I saw. I look closer and it sure seems that I did see what I saw (just like Tweety Bird). I confirmed my sighting by two other coworkers.

Gray MatterI got an e-mail from a friend the  other day and replied to a comment with the line that “maybe you did tell me, but I could have forgotten; after all, I’m getting old now as evidenced by the gray hairs above my ears (thankfully not in my ears).” Her reply was “I HOPE you’re kidding about the gray hair.” My reply was “I WISH I was kidding about the gray hair.”



  1. I started getting *white* hair a few years ago. I only have a few strands near the top of my head, but they baffle me, because obviously those pieces of hair have been growing for a few years, and why didn’t I notice their whiteness before now? It’s not like they gradually turned white — they grew out white, but I never saw them before. Freaky stuff.

    My mom started going gray when she was 16, so at least I missed out on that gene, thankfully.

  2. At least you have hair to go gray.

  3. Jennifer, that reminds me that I need to call my aunt/biological mom and find out when the gray hair gene is supposed to kick in. I know that she has them, she just hides them 🙂

    Chris, the last pic I saw of you, weren’t lacking that much hair. Though you are right, I am thankful that I do have hair to go gray. Just that the gray is a little disconcerting at almost 27.

    Of course now I might have to speed up the marriage thing before the gray becomes noticeable from a distance so that way some nice lady in her 20’s (whoever she ends up being) doesn’t feel like she’s marrying some old guy.

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