Posted by: Scott | Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brokebracket Madness ’07: Round 2 :-O

OK, the NCAA needs to pick some time other than the week of revival meetings to start the Men’s B-Ball Div. I Tourney. I missed posting my picks for teams going on to the Sweet 16, so here they are as I would have picked if I had posted before the games were played. My picks are updated to reflect teams that made it through to the second round:


  • Arizona Florida/Maryland
  • Oregon/Texas A & M-CC Wisconsin


  • Kansas/Illinois S. Illinois
  • Wright St. Pittsburgh/Indiana


  • Michigan St./Texas
  • Vanderbilt/Georgetown


  • Ohio St./Tennessee
  • Texas A & M/Creighton Memphis

Get the Round 1 summary from my fearless tourney organizer/leader

Edit for RSS Subscribers: I noticed that at least one RSS reader went crazy with my strikethroughs.  The only teams that are struck are the ones that I originally picked (pre-tourney) and didn’t advance. If you click on the link to come directly to the blog and read, you will get the post as it is supposed to be.


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