Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brokebracket Madness: Elite Eight

My modification for the whittling down to the Final Four. I just hope Kansas hangs in there!


  • Arizona Oregon


  • Kansas


  • Texas Georgetown


  • Creighton Ohio St.

Here’s the Round 2 update on the Thinking Man’s Tourney



  1. KS did not hang in there Scott. Darn! I had seven of the elite eight teams picked for my bracket. UCLA was the one I didn’t have — mostly because I didn’t think it mattered — was just counting on KS to take the whole thing. Bummer.

  2. Be watching for my bracket’s obit in the near future…

  3. My hubby picked UNC and KU for the championship game and then picked UNC to win it all. (We are still fans of Roy Williams from all his years at KS). Who knows? Maybe he’s picked the winning team. Good for Roy, bad for KU.

  4. At this point, my bracket is completely destroyed. Although, I’m maintaining about 45% accuracy overall, which isn’t too bad considering I eenie-meenie-miney-moed my way through picking teams. 🙂

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