Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 31, 2007

Winter Wonderland???

Spring Blizzard hits Cody!

Last night I woke up to get ready for work. I looked outside to see what kind of accumulation we got and boy did we get accumulation! About 16 inches worth! Given the amount of digging I would have to do just to get to my car, plus brushing off and scraping ice, I figured it would be a good night to call in.

This morning, I took on the adventure of getting out of the driveway. I did pretty good until the dreaded uphill right turn. Fortunately, while I was digging the center of the driveway out, a young lady got stuck going to the humane society right across the road. I went to see about helping, and she had a friend of her father’s coming over to plow her out. She floated the idea that he might be able to help me too. He got done getting the humane society plowed out and the young lady unstuck. I asked if he could get the last portion of my driveway and he graciously took on the task with no charge.

See more pics in my Spring Blizzard 2007 set



  1. Wow. That is a lot of snow! I’d say I’m jealous because I love snow, but I’m actually not. Haha, I’ve had enough of Ithaca’s “horizontal snow” for this year. There’s only so much frostbite and sliding up and down around campus a person can take. 🙂

  2. You know you live in the west when every potential house/apartment has to be scouted for uphill potential – e.g., this may be an awesome place to live, but how in the world will I make it home when the road’s slick? I have my regular route home, and then I have my “winter storm” route home, which is much flatter.

  3. Tieki Rae, the great thing about this snow is that it was very vertical. “At worst,” there was some diagonal snowfall, but it was just a slow, steady, spring snowfall. Even better was that the next day, though it pretty much all melted (i.e. soaked into the ground) there was no wind to blow it off to South Dakota!

    Jennifer, I hear ya’ on the hill factor. Unfortunately, that is a tough one to avoid in Cody. We are built on a glacial outwash terrace. So to go across town north to south (or vice-versa) you come in on an upper level, go to a mid-level, then a lower level, back to a mid level, then an upper level.

    I live on what would be the southern terrace (though my drive is below the level of the highway) and both my jobs are on the next level down (ironically, the same end of town, which happens to be the opposite end of town I live on; good thing Cody is not a “Denver”).

    So, there is basically no way for me to make the commutes “somewhat level.”

  4. Hi Scott,
    We received a couple feet in our neck of the woods too. Very beautiful, but melting fast! It looked as though it was either going to snow or rain in the mountains tonight. The moisture is very welcome!

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