Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spontaneous Restart Disease

So, I’m reading up on my fave blogs or checking e-mail, and all of a sudden, my computer just up and restarts. My Windows Security Update system is set so that I have to finalize any installations (including any reseting of the computer that may be needed). This has been going on for some time. Sure is annoying.

In other (much better) news, my Basin Blog Buddy has added a a blogroll to his site, and I’m included! Thanks for the listing, Ruffin!



  1. Have you ever seen that movie I Robot? Maybe your computer has!

    On another subject Scott, when is it that there is a likelihood of seeing grizzlies coming out of hibernation around your east gate? Are they waking up yet?

  2. I’ve not seen I, Robot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if my computer watched a copy of it online while I was sleeping.

    Ahhh, the griz….According to a report on KULR 8 out of Billings, MT, the grizzlies are out and about. I’ve not had an encounter with one at this point, but then, aside from going to church, I haven’t done much gallivanting around the world’s most scenic 50 miles.

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