Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Emblem Challenge

OK, Emblem, WY readers! I’ve seen you on my visitors’ list via

Emblem Visits PC

I’m proud to announce that you have Chris Turner jealous and envious of me for being able to attract your attention! He noted that it takes a lot to attract the attention of Emblem, WY.

Because you have visited me on my blog, I will, sometime in the near future, make it to your city limits and take a picture of me by your city limits sign (to prove I was there) and post it to my Flickr page. I might even give you honorary sponsorship of particular blog posts if you not only keep visiting, but make an occasional comment. Now there’s incentive to jump in the discussion!



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  2. […] it. Now, I have to admit that I had some hopes of someone being there from Emblem that would admit to being one of my faithful readers, maybe even one willing to host a wedding ceremony September of next year for myself and an as of […]

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