Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Emblem, City Limits

Me at the boarder of Emblem, WYWyoming needs a live public TV music show where the musically talented can showcase their abilities before a live audience. Yes, Texas has Austin City Limits, but Wyoming has one thing Texas doesn’t have: Emblem City Limits.

I know, right now, Emblem doesn’t seem to have the stature that Austin does, but just think of the possibility of a little map-dot pass-through town being transformed into a destination town. Who knows, with the help of Comfort Food Radio and Emblem City Limits, West the Band just might hit the big time. It could even go so far as to heal the deep rivalry between Park and Big Horn Counties

**This post is in reply to a post I made earlier**



  1. Hey Scott — where the heck is Emblem? Remember, we are not native Wyomingites here. It looks like the perfect sized town. Now my husband is going to start flipping through the channels to see who is on Emblem City Limits instead of Austin City Limits.

  2. See what I mean about Emblem not being a destination town??? Emblem is a quaint little town just west of Greybull on U.S. 14-16-20. Greybull is about 50 miles east of Cody and Cody is 50 miles east of Yellowstone and about 90 miles north of Thermopolis 🙂 They have a community profile page on Home Town Locater which is funny in that it has a link that says “List Ten Jobs.”

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