Posted by: Scott | Friday, April 13, 2007

AF2 Creates Air-Kill

A slow news day on this Friday the 13th. The eye-catching headline on FOX News dot com:
Vice President’s Plane Hits Bird The report opens with the untimely death of the bird as the plane was landing,

Air Force Two carrying Vice President Dick Cheney struck a bird as the plane neared O’Hare International Airport on Friday. The aircraft landed safely.

Mechanics checked the plane while Cheney spoke at the Heritage Foundation’s annual leadership conference, but the incident did not delay his departure from the airport to return to Washington.

“A bird hit the right engine of the plane upon landing,” said Megan McGinn, a spokeswoman for Cheney. “He was told after he delivered his remarks.”

then highlights a speech critical of the Democrats the VP delivered at the Heritage Foundation,

“In Iraq, above all, the Democrats‘ attempt to micromanage our commanders is an unwise and perilous endeavor,” Cheney said. “It is impossible to argue that an unconditional timetable for retreat could serve the security interests of the United States or our friends in the region. Instead, it sends a message to our enemies that the calendar is their friend, that all they have to do is wait us out — wait for the date certain, and then claim victory the day after.”

and then a little taste of Wyoming to wrap up the report:

After the speech, Cheney, accompanied by his daughter, Liz Cheney, made an unannounced stop so they could buy a birthday gift for one of his granddaughters. Cheney posed for pictures with little girls while Liz Cheney secured a doll with a Western cowboy hat and get-up.

That’s where the report ends, so apparently the location was undisclosed too. Anyway, you gotta love it. It’s not like the Cheney’s don’t know what roadkill is, so air-kill is nothing, then there is the real news item of the story (he was highly critical of the Democrats; not a surprise, but it is good to get some strong pro-military language from the White House) and then the Vice President is a good Wyoming grandfather.

One thought that comes to mind is that maybe the deceased bird should have stopped by Colorado to pick up  a lucky rabbit’s foot before going to Chicago. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe it did…


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