Posted by: Scott | Sunday, April 15, 2007

Famous Friends

The Sons & Me

Here I am with my friends, The Sons of the San Joaquin (wah-keen) This was their second trip to Cody, except Lon (left of me), who has only been here once. The last time they were here (Cody Stampede 2001 [?]), I got to sell their stuff, which was a huge honor to do.This time, they were here for the 25th annual Cowboy Songs and Range Ballads.

Saturday morning, they made an appearance on a special 90 minute Comfort Food Radio singing my favorite songs (From Whence Came the Cowboy, Great American Cowboy, Wyoming on My Mind, and the song I have dedicated to my future wife–whoever she ends up being–Is It Because). I was not able to see the show, but I did tune into KODI and listen while cleaning rooms. It was absolutely great! They had a night concert later on, but due to work, I was unable to attend, so I was delighted to hear they were doing autographs/photos/visiting at the Wyoming Buffalo Company in the early afternoon.


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