Posted by: Scott | Monday, April 16, 2007

Wacko Among Wolves

Can somebody please tell me who let this guy get 15 minutes of fame??? I almost wish my parents had the National geographic Channel, but then again, I would likely be so infuriated that I’m sure I wouldn’t even make it to the end of the program anyway.

I mean, common, is it really necessary to train a wolf to be wild??? Maybe if we’re so concerned about the wolves not being wild enough, we should release all the other captive wolves (like the ones in England that Mr. Ellis is so fond of).

Don’t even begin to suggest dropping them off in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Oh, no. You all had your say on that already and the feds gave amnesty to some breeding pairs that would have otherwise been illegals (from Canada). And now we have federally protected terrorists living in our back yards, our ranches, and pretty much all over the place. Sometimes, the feds even plant them in said locations.

As Chris Turner has said on the radio (and during his time with CNN) there’s probably a really good reason that this particular breed of wolf was obliterated from this area last century.



  1. Wow, this layout is looking a little crazy! Can’t you just settle down, find a nice, faithful layout with whom you’ll spend the rest of your days?

  2. Oh, dear. Now my blog theme selection has become analogous to my marital status :sigh:

  3. […] including but not limited to Jennifer, may be wondering “Why another theme change?” The only thing I can think to attribute […]

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