Posted by: Scott | Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Makeover

I’ve made some changes to the blog lately and I thought I’d pass on to you what has happened (particularly for those of you that read solely through RSS and are perhaps unaware of the changes that have happened).

  1. The most obvious is a change of theme/layout. I went perusing a while back looking for at least three columns (one for entries and the other two for sidebars) and the customizable header. Well, I found four columns, leaving me with three sidebars. The layout is definitely unique, although some believe it may resemble my life (cluttered) and still others think it’s me temporarily picking another theme that will eventually get changed (and drawing vague analogies to my status as “single”). Anyway, you can see the full header image on my flickr collection
  2. With the addition of a third sidebar, I have moved some of the widgets around. I know things look a little cluttered, but if you can’t find something, give me a holler and I’ll tell you where it is.
  3. Speaking of giving me a holler, you can now contact me in a private message. Simply click Contact in the page index and fill in the form! It will arrive to my inbox and only you and I will know what you sent.
  4. To help de-clutter the sidebars a bit, I have implemented the drop-down list option for the categories and monthly archives lists.

There’s bound to be more happening, so keep watching!


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