Posted by: Scott | Monday, April 30, 2007

PC Flying High on Google!

After having missed a couple weeks of going to Monday night College/Career Bible study, I was able to make it tonight. A friend was in town two weeks ago and last week I was in Billings with Mom.

So I get to the food line, and Pastor Thomas was there and he asks how it was I got to be number one on Google. His wife was searching for info about when Yellowstone was opening the East Gate and when the results came up, the first one link was here! He said she said, “Hey, don’t we know the Political Cowboy?”

Ironically enough, yesterday or the day before (maybe even last week some time) I checked my stats (yes, I look over them from time to time) and saw a search result for something along the lines of yellowstone east gate opening. On top of that, my globetrackr was showing that I had a visitor from Powell, WY.
I figured that it must have been the Yellowstone East Gate tag that triggered the result, but if you search for yellowstone east gate, I come in at third. However, if you throw in the word  opening you’ll find the link at the top.


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