Posted by: Scott | Monday, May 7, 2007

I Got My Grandma Back!

I haven’t blogged much about this here, though I have brought it up on Sharper Iron from time to time Here is the latest post from the updates on SI (as well as the e-mail that some of you have received). God is good!

Just wanted to pass along some GREAT news. Grandma is back in Cody and she is a completely different person. Aside from lingering grief from last summer, she’s like the Grandma that I grew up with. She came back Thurs. and we got her moved in to the Long Term Care here yesterday. She has clarity enough to know and accept that Mom can’t take care of her and is fine with living in the Long term Care. She was even bragging about here new home yesterday. She laughs, jokes and carries on conversations that can be followed. What an unexpected twist in an answer to prayer!



  1. That is awesome. I know how much that must mean to you. My grandma’s been pretty sick for about a year and a half, but mostly it’s her mental state that’s so discouraging. When she has clear days (when she’s not so grumpy and mean!) we’re so happy.

  2. Jennifer,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it means much to me. From the sound of it, your grandma has gone through some of the same stuff mine has.

    That’s how it’s been for the past few months with Grandma. She has a much easier time getting up, she’s not on oxygen anymore, the list goes on. She knows she had a bad few months, she doesn’t remember all the specifics (though she does recall some events).

    Oh, yea, Grandma wants me to help her write a book: If the Wind isn’t Blowing, YOu’re not in Wyoming.

  3. […] I’m going to open up a little here (after all, this is my “personal” blog) and let you know that holidays are tough for me at this point in time. Perhaps part of it is that I have some self-imposed limits on what I can do for the next couple years or so while I work on getting those pesky things called debts eliminated. Thankfully, momentum is picking up and in April or May of this year, my parents will be my parents again (as opposed to being my lenders). Yet another struggle is that longing to have a bride to share the holidays with. Not that I’m not blessed in my current situation. I have Mom and Dad that I get to celebrate with, and since just before Mother’s Day of last year, I’ve had the Grandma I grew up with. […]

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