Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Need to get Engaged–FAST!

That’s right! I need a bride-to-be and for good reason (I would have said fiancée, but that’s too hard to spell). No, the good reason is not the future car insurance discount or tax deduction (then later on changed to deductions). No, the good reason is to give me a legitimate reason to not work frozen foods.

See if I get engaged, and then some night I’m told that I need to work frozen, I can proclaim a “health excuse” of sorts by stating that due to being engaged, I can’t work frozen. Why? Because every time that I work frozen I get cold feet!

So, if you’re a single, godly, Christian lady in your 20’s (early 30’s are negotiable) and want to be engaged as much as I do (yes, marriage eventually follows) feel free to apply.



  1. hmm…. that sounds like a plan.

  2. Scott,

    You need help, my friend. Serious help.


  3. I don’t mind if she (the help) is serious, just so long as she meets the aforementioned prerequisites and has a sense of humor. 🙂

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