Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Boycott Gas? Boycott Postage!

Apparently I did good by fueling  up yesterday. Turns out today is  supposed to be some grass-roots  boycott against high gas prices. Yea, a lot of good that will do. Don’t fuel up for 24 hours, because that will show “Big Oil” how mad you are. Never mind the fact that you’ll fuel up tomorrow or later in the week, or maybe even yesterday as I did, and that was before I knew about the boycott (but boy do I feel better now)!

OK, if you really want to boycott high gas prices, go after Citgo, a company that is soooo proud to have Venezuelan oil that they are now bragging about it in their latest ad campaign. In case you don’t recall, it was the leader of Venezuela that proclaimed on US soil at the UN that he could still smell the sulfur from when President Bush spoke there earlier. This after all the security and privileges that go with being a foreign “diplomat” visiting the US (or any anti-US group located in the US).

And then there’s the other high price issue: postage! Now there’s something to boycott! We have a great team of mail carriers, rural route carriers, and delivery persons here in Cody, so don’t take this personally if you happen to be one of them. However, I say tell the USPS that you aren’t going to stand for paying more to send your letters, pictures, and bill payments, even if you can “lock in the rate

How do you do this?

  • Look into doing payments online or on the phone. The majority of these can be done without any extra fees being tacked on and are easy and secure. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a major storm hampering your check getting there on time.
  • We all know about e-mail. I know, there’s some things that just have to be snail mailed (b-day cards, wedding announcements–there I go again  😀 –, graduation announcements, Christmas cards, etc…), but if your just writing to see how things are going or what-not, send an -mail (maybe even an e-card)
  • Write your Congress person about a couple things:
    • making junk mail exempt from bulk rates. None of us likes getting junk mail, so why do junk mailers get a bargain when they, not you and I, are the ones clogging up the mail system?
    • allowing the privatization of mail delivery. I know, privatization doesn’t exactly “fly like an eagle” when it comes time to debate on the Senate and House floors, but like the op-ed says, the USPS is a monopoly. The Constitution doesn’t mandate that the USPS be the only first-class delivery service. The private sector just plain knows how to do great business.

So there you have it, todays rant on boycotts!



  1. Hi Scott,

    Okay, I won’t buy stamps today, but I have to get gas to get to the airport to pick up Tieki Rae:)

    My family is making a huge contribution to big oil this month with driving about 3500 miles. Sometimes I question our timing.

  2. That’s why I’m not concerned about boycotting gas prices so much (other than if I’m in Citgo’s vicinity, I won’t fuel up there. The government gets far more per gallon in taxes than the gas stations and oil companies make. Some sates mandate the minimum cents profit per gallon that the station has to sell for (wonder why given the tax money involved).

    If there was less red tape, Big Oil (and perhaps even small oil) could build and repair more refineries and drill in more locations (even the sacred sliver in ANWAR).

  3. Exactly.

    Really… boycotting something for one day is really lame because this really will not affect buying practices.

    In order to really do something about it, switch to another fuel.

    If these people that were not buying gas were that concerned about prices, why not sell your current vehicle and buy an electric car…

    heh.. i mail maybe one or two things a month and I usually use FedEx or another carrier… not because of the price thing. I usually pay a bit more, but i get no lines at the station and I get way better service. Those are things I am willing to pay for. If i go to the local USPS office, i basically guaranteeing myself a wait of at least 15 minutes if i want to make any transaction.

  4. Notice how “we” are the ones that need to sacrifice our reliable transportation and the Al Bores of the world can still fly all over the country (causing more pollution) and then drive from airport to auditorium in a big SUV (and likely a motorcade) causing even more pollution. But it’s OK, ’cause the concerned politician bought carbon offsets.

    Keep in mind the reason you pay a higher price at FedEx is not because that’s where they wanted to set the price (capitalism/free market), but, again, government mandate.

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