Posted by: Scott | Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of Cowboys and Spartans

I wish I knew about this earlier. CBS Sportsline is running a contest on who (as in universities) has the most dominant mascot. There has been a tournament style bracket where the winner is determined by votes. Wyoming has made it to the championship (for their “type region”), which ends today!!!

Will you give Wyoming the honor of your much-needed vote? After all, if the cowboy is more dashing and daring than a medieval knight, surely the cowboy is far more dominant and (I need another positive d-word…..hmmm, ahhh-ha!), distinguished than an ancient Greek soldier!

HT: Ruffin Prevost



  1. I saw this on facebook earlier when Wyoming was doing really well. Now, we’re down now 44% to 55% 😦 so hopefully more people will get to voting!

  2. Tieki, welcome back to Wyoming!!!! You are back in WY, right? Well, anyway, you’re getting close if nothing else. You hit the nail on the head. Wyoming folk, (sports fans or not) need to get online and vote! Like I said on Ruffin’s blog, the article makes it clear that Wyoming has the most dominant (and it even failed to mention that the mascot/logo appears on our highway signs).

    I would like to also throw my support behind the UT Thunderbirds (inanimate/mythological), the CO Buffaloes (land animals), and the BYU Cougars (predators). I know the wolf can scare a griz off of a kill, but do you think that I, a common sense conservative from Cody, WY could, in good conscience, vote for a wolf? I don’t think so…

    Hopefully that shameless plug wasn’t too late to garner Colorado’s and Utah’s support 🙂

  3. Did you know that May 18 is today and not yesterday like I had conveyed in the original post???? Ooooops! Still a day to get out and vote. Last I checked, WY was 9 points down, unfortunately, I went on the site just now and I can’t get the current results, just the option to vote,,,,

    My other picks are doing well, except for the T-Birds that can use more support too.

  4. 3 points to tie y’all!!!! YEEEEEE-HAAAWW!!!!!!

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