Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AZ College Students in the Rockies

Yes, we get snow in MayI know we’ve got mountains with snow on them still, but it would be nice if the snow stayed on these Cody landmarks. Why? Some good friends of mine are going to be at my church tonight (Wed. 5/23). Well, OK, technically, I only know one or two in the group, but I gotta put in a plug to come out and see (if you’re able) the IBC Ministry Team. Typically this tour is their West Coast tour, but they appear to have opted for the Rocky Mountain West this time. They’ve been in the Denver-metro area at a couple of churches (this one attended by fellow blogger Brian McCrorie) and schools (my grandparents were active in the church that this ministry grew out of) that I am familiar with.

They’ve traveled on up I-25 to Cheyenne and then Casper, and today they trek on into Cody Country to be at Wapiti Valley Church for our 7 PM service (they’ll actually be here a little before that to eat).

Stops after here include ID, NV, UT and AZ. One point of interest is that it looks like they will be at Grace Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, where fellow blogger with ties to Cody, Matthew Johnson is assistant pastor.


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