Posted by: Scott | Friday, May 25, 2007

Time With IBC

IBC Ministry Team Visits Wapiti Valley Church

On Wednesday, the IBC Ministry Team visited Wapiti Valley Church. Before I get into details of the night, you have to hear (urrr, read) this anecdote.

The team, headed by outgoing college president Dr. Jerry Tetreau, was slated to arrive in Cody that afternoon so they could do some horseback riding courtesy of our pastor. However, they opted for unintentional sight-seeing and a shorter ride on the horses.

At Thermopolis, it was noted that Highway 20 continued on, which seemed to be the logical choice since 20 passes right through Cody on to Wapiti. The turn to help make the journey shorter at Worland was not known about and by the time Ten Sleep was reached, the atlas was consulted and it was revealed how off-course they were. One member noted a couple of smaller state highways that led back to Hwy. 20 without the backtrack, so they course-corrected via Hyatville, Burlington, and Otto. Emblem was missed as the highways emerge just west of the city limits.

At any rate, they arrived at the Pastor’s around 5:30. Four horses were still saddled, so he had the ladies go in and change into their jeans while the guys would ride. In five minutes, no sooner than they guys had mounted the horses, the ladies were back out!

Mom fixed dinner for the team, which was delayed by only fifteen minutes. We had fiesta, a fun, do-it-yourself kind of meal where you pile a meat sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, coconut, pecans, and of course, some salsa, on top of Fritos. I know, the coconut and pecans sounds weird, but it does add a nice flavor (and for a traveling college group, it is quite the unique meal).

When I met Richard (right back in picture), he said, “So you’re the one everyone thinks I am!” Apparently, when he arrived the semester after I graduated, his resemblance to me was remarkably close. After a while, he got used to answering to the name Scott. He hails from a rural Utah town, so his shirts were of a similar style that I would wear, and after realizing how much easier bolo ties were than “regular ties,” his nickname stuck even better.

In addition to providing wonderful special music, the team did two dramatic presentations. One on Job and the other on a missionary family involved in translating the Bible in Africa. Both the music and presentations focused on the trials that God allows into our lives and how we should react to them with joy.

Dr. T. delivered a brief sermon. He highlighted four verses in Philippians, one from each chapter, on having joy in trials. He then took us to Psalm 5:11, noting the progression of a relationship between God and the believer and the amount of expressing joy, starting with having a smile (he who trusts in thee, rejoice), moving on to verbal expression–singing or even a shout–for His protection, and then being able to have a spring in our step (the Hebrew word for “be joyful” in the last phrase of the verse carries the idea of leaping).

Dr. T. has often described the college as a large family more than a small school, and this visit showed that. I knew two of the students because they were in the Christian academy on campus. So that’s five that I had not known. When we got to talking, there was a neat connection, not only of being brothers and sisters in Christ, but also of being part of the growing IBC family. The visit, though brief, was great.


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