Posted by: Scott | Thursday, May 31, 2007

Suicide is Not Painless

With apologies to the Four-Oh-Seven-Seventh. Speak Your Piece was on the air yesterday with Chris Turner. The topic arose about “Doctor” Kevorkian being released this week. In and of itself, this story is pretty divisive I suppose would be the proper term. Add to it that Chris mentioned being a Christian (which he has done one other time in the recent past on SYP that I can recall), and oh, what a controversy arose when local Liberaltarian and occasional SYP guest Mike Gaunchard (sp?) called in.

Here’s the short of it (since there’s no transcription service). Chris does not believe in suicide, let alone the “doctor assisted” variety. Not just because of his faith, but also the morality of taking one’s life. Mike Gaunchard totally disagrees. His worldview is of an atheistic background. If you want to end your life, you should be able to says he. On top of that, he’s offended that the majority opinion of the nation opposes him, and thus “all these Christians” are forcing their (our) morality/views on him. On top of that, he wonders why the Christians and religious people are so opposed to suicide, due to “the better after life.”

So, here’s my piece and two cents on the matter. First off, the Bible nowhere commends suicide. Suicide is the fruit of something going on in the person’s life (public or private) that the person sees no way out of and thus “the easy way out” seems to be self-inflicted life cessation. Selfishness runs rampant through the whole process. Maybe the initial problem wasn’t selfishness, but somewhere along the line, it moved in, set up camp, built and grew an empire that brings down the individual.

For all intents and purposes, my grandma was committing suicide by attempting to starve herself. She didn’t want to be in a nursing home, so to follow through on a vow that she made in the event of being placed in a nursing home she stopped eating. It was not easy to watch her cause harm to herself. When she got so bad that she had to be sent to Billings, it was really tough praying that the Lord would take her home so she could be happy once again. She did come to the end of herself and now she is doing great, living in the nursing home.

Not only is suicide one tough decision, it impacts the lives of those that are close to the individual. Suicide is not an option. Many will say “Well, it’s my life, so what if I choose to end it?” Fact is that it’s not your life. Believer or not, it’s not your life.

The other rationalization is “Well, it’s acceptable to  to put the family dog or cat to sleep, so surely I can ‘put me to sleep.” Wonderful way to compare apples and oranges. Read the opening chapters of Genesis and notice the difference between man and animal. God breathed into Man’s nostrils the breath of life. Not only that, He created man in His own image (likeness; i.e. humans were created with a body and soul). Guess what animals don’t have. A soul. When they die, they die. That’s it. No more. When I die, my soul goes on living. As one who has trusted in Christ, my soul ends up in Heaven.

That goes back to the question of eagerly anticipating Heaven. Yes, Heaven is going to be so much better than this Earth. Yes, I look forward to seeing it. No, I’m not going to  say that I know better than God does in regards to when I should be called from this life. Goes back to me not being my own.

If you need help with something that is just eating your lunch, let someone know. Suicide is not painless; it’s not the easy road; it is not an option. It is an individual saying that he is more important than anyone else. There is so much more to life than prematurely ending it.



  1. I think when they’re in their right mind, the suicidal person knows all these things. But when they’re overwhelmed with pain, all they can think is 1) I want out RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW, or 2) Me being gone would lessen the burden on my family and friends. Of course, these are the family and friends that would hurt so badly if the suicidal person succeeded.

    I have many more thoughts on this topic since I have had several suicides in my family. But the bottom line is, your life is not your own. Only God gives and takes away life.

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