Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 2, 2007

Libs Infringing on Pastor/Blogger?

I thought about blogging on this a while back, but I forgot. Then the issue arose once more, and I thought, OK, time to float this out there.

The first inspiration for this post is the quasi-Republican governor of California (or Khaleeforneeuh if you prefer). He called Rush Limbaugh “irrelevant” and the media went wild because the man they loved to hate was being dissed by someone with an “R” behind his name. Of course the looming question was if Limbaugh was so irrelevant, why was he the focus of the story? Even funnier was his supposed attack back to the governor and then the truce declared by the governor when he called the show.

So, Rush brings up a story from MSNBC’s Hardball going wild over the “Bush v. Rush” war on immigration. A round table discussion went as follows:

GREEN: Rush Limbaugh is really funny, and so is George Bush. Bush is probably
scratching his head wondering why these opponents use such demagogic
phrases as “amnesty.” It’s not literally amnesty, as you know, because
you have to pay a fine. One last point on Rush Limbaugh, I know
exactly who he is, enormously talented; he gets higher ratings than Air
America; he has ten million people listening. He has five to eight
percent of America listening. Good for ratings —

ROGERS: I sense jealousy.

GREEN:– awful for politics. Eight percent doesn’t win an election. Rush
Limbaugh is irrelevant to someone who doesn’t care about winning
Republican primaries.

ROGERS: If Rush Limbaugh is irrelevant, what is Air America?

Like Rush Limbaugh asked, if he is irrelevant, why was he the focus of the story? Anyway, I say all this to tie into the title of this post. You’re probably wondering how this all fit together and now you’re going to find out. My wonderings on these recent inter-party skirmishes have me wondering if Pastor and fellow blogger Greg Linscott should copyright the title of his personal blog. It is after all called irrelevant, and it is located on a subdomain address, I am surprised that the media has not caught on to this.



  1. I have not listened to Limbaugh in a couple years but he has a huge listening audience. He is not a decider in a political race but he does have influence. I would not describe him as irrelevant.

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