Posted by: Scott | Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sen. Craig Thomas Weekend

Saturday, there will be a memorial service at a Methodist Church in Casper.

Sunday morning,  there will be a public memorial in Sen. Thomas’ hometown:

The late Senator Craig Thomas will be honored with a processional down Sheridan Avenue in Cody on Sunday, June 10. Senator Thomas spent his childhood here in the Cody area, as he noted in an interview with KODI on April 19th. According to Cody Mayor Roger Sedam, the Senator’s casket will be flown in to Cody from Casper on Sunday at 10:00AM. At that point, the procession will travel down Sheridan Ave. to Riverside Cemetery, with an escort by the Cody Police Department. Sedam said the Thomas Family encourages people to take part in the procession by lining the street and waving flags, and downtown merchants are being asked to participate as well. Sedam said that the procession will be followed at the cemetery by a military salute, as Senator Thomas served in the Marine Corps after he graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1955.

I know, some don’t like the idea of speculating about who to fill Sen. Thomas’ shoes, but there is only a very limited time to do so and there’s a bunch of names cropping up for the WYGOP to consider (well over a dozen and growing). You can see what some Wyomingites (including this one) are saying over at Hamet Yeshachrer Otcha



  1. Thanks for the funeral information, Scott. I hadn’t seen it yet. It’s tempting to go up to Cody and be one of those people lining the streets. Senator Thomas really was an amazing person and it still seems sort of surreal that he passed on so suddenly.

  2. You’re welcome! This would be a good weekend to come up–gas prices just dropped 2¢ a gallon! You could observe the procession and I know a good church you can go to after 😉

    Our mayor called Speak Your Piece yesterday with the info, which up until that point, the news was that there would be the service in Casper and a private burial in Cody. It was very good to hear about the ceremony that was added.

    Downside to the time and date is that I’m really squeezing time to be able to take part. I’ll have to miss Sunday School, but I do have to be at morning service due to VBS being this coming week and I have to appear “in costume” as General Joshuah during the announcements.

    Hmmm, last time we ran this theme (Operation: Canonland) President Reagan’s funeral was the big news story of the week.

  3. Well, FOR SURE, the service in Cody was worth being there for. I was there as a PGR (Patriot Guard Rider) and only by pure chance sat next to Scott & introduced myself as the Laptops for the Wounded lady and was a great honor to meet him after the really nice things he has said on here about my org!!! I adored Sen. Thomas; he was a great friend and a great friend and steward of Wyoming. And listening to Taps while his horse I’ve watched him ride every July 4th for about as long as I can remember, with the backwards boots & his hat on the saddlehorn, being led away. That’s when the tears really flowed for this tough ol’ rider gal….great pics Scott – thanks for letting me send them to PGR for their site. They (we!!!) appreciate that!

  4. It was a really nice event. I did have to bow out early, but yes, I made it to church on time to get into my outfit.

    Laura, it was great to meet you. You’re doing some really neat things for our troops and their families. Keep up the good work

    Thanks again for your kind words and hope to see ya’ along the trail again sometime!

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