Posted by: Scott | Friday, June 8, 2007

Speculation Abounds

First, I’m thinking we’re going to have quite a delegation of folks here in Cody this weekend. It seems only logical to think that Sen. Enzi and Rep. Cubin would be present, and to be honest, I would not be surprised if the Vice President showed up. After all, Sen. Thomas was THE gentleman from Wyoming when Mr. Cheney could no longer serve as Wyoming’s House vote due to heading up the Pentagon. But alas, it’s all speculation.

In more speculation, our U.S. attorney for Wyoming has resigned. Quite interesting since he is on the list of names being tossed about as possible replacements. Now I (or Tieki Rae) definitely gotta do some info digging…



  1. Hi Scott,
    Yes, you need to get busy — I know nothing of Mr. Mead. I’d like to say I trust all Republicans in WY, but much of the liberal legislative action makes me skeptical. Looking forward to your hard work of digging up this information. Not trying to rush you, but remember that 15 day limit business 🙂

  2. Wow. That is big news about Mead. We’ll have to figure out ASAP if he’s pro-life or not. Thanks for the heads up, Scott.

  3. I’d like to say I trust all Republicans in WY, but much of the liberal legislative action makes me skeptical.

    I got burned on “Wyoming Republican trust” from State Rep’s Simpson and Childers (house districts 24 and 50, respectively). Not that they haven’t done anything good (they’re in the charge against wolves and closing the East Gate to winter use), just not those strong social conservatives that you get excited about.
    To Rep. Simpson’s credit, he does seem to have come around a bit on abortion, but he sure let down the pro-lifers and DOMA supporters as House Speaker in the legislative session earlier this year.
    Having said all that, our beloved, departed Senator recommended Mr. Mead for the position. I’d love to say Sen. Thomas shot straight on this recommendation (and I’m fairly confident that I could say just that).
    Question is, how do we find where our former attorney is on the issues? He’s been in the federal judiciary for some time, which has prohibited him from being publicly involved in all things partisan. I’ve done some googles and turned up not very much other than he was on the recent list of “to be fireds.”

  4. I think it is time to talk about the political appointment to fill the seat of Senator Thomas. I believe Tom Sansonnetti may have the edge with the State Central Committee, however Matt Meade has the best chance of getting the nod from the Governor.
    Any more background on Mr. Meade would be helpful. Wyomingnite, Cliff Hansen’s Grandson, U.S, Attorney, … What about his political philosophy? Could he be considered a true Jackson Hole enviro, or just a plain good ole Wyoming conservationist.

  5. GOPPOKE! Haven’t seen ya’ since election season; thanks for coming back!

    I’m all for talking about the potential folks to replace Sen. Thomas. Would love any info about the people that are being tossed about in the media speculation reports. Feel free to list out what makes the candidate(s) good in order to facilitate the discussion.

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