Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 9, 2007

Think You Know Wyoming?

Finally, a Wyoming quiz on!

Howdy! You have a 100% Wyomingite knowledge!



Yeeeeee-Haw!!!! You’re in the upper bracket of Wyomingite knowledge. People admire you in much the same way they admire the Grand Tetons.

You’re either native, lived here long, know how to use Google really well, or you’re looking to move here and want to blend in right away.

How Well Do You Know Wyoming?
Make a Quiz



  1. Ouch, I got 28 percent. I did not know that I-25 hit a dead end at I-90. That’s crazy.

  2. On top of it, I-90 was closed over the weekend from Sheridan, WY to Hardin, MT due to flooding! Usually, the only time they have to close the interstate is for blizzard conditions in the winter.

  3. Here is mine. Not too bad for being from the other side of the park.

    Howdy! You have a 57% Wyomingite knowledge!
    Not great, but not terrible either. You’ve lived here a while (or you talk a lot to friends and family that live in Wyoming).

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