Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rep. Cubin at Odds with Potential Thomas Successor

Wow! With all the speculation going about, Wyoming State Rep. and House Speaker Collin Simpson (RINO-Cody, House Dist. 24) couldn’t help himself at let everyone know what he’s been telling Wyoming’s lone U.S. Representative. And the fire season begins. Would love to insert commentary here, but I must needs go to sup at Mom and Dad’s!



  1. Wow is right. I didn’t like what I’ve been hearing about Simpson in general, and the fact that Rep. Cubin doesn’t appear to be a big fan of his only reinforces my first impression.

  2. Some of my thoughts when I saw the article:

    Right now, Cody owns Rep. Cubin. The last election (Nov. ’06) had an interesting campaign called Republicans for Trauner (I also believe there was another group Republicans for Freudenthal, but that’s another post). The R4T group was headed up by a Cody lawyer (no, his last name was not Simpson). In spite of this, Cody and Park County gave Rep. Cubin her current term. We even supported her better than her home base (Natrona County)!

    One cannot help but wonder, is the good representative trying to send a signal to WYGOP?

  3. Hmm… what sort of signal? “Don’t choose Simpson”? I would certainly hope so!!

  4. That would be the signal that I hope she’s trying top telegraph.

    Here’s the article the set Rep. Cubin off. (HT:

  5. Cubin has earned her terms in office IMHO. Colin…well, of the 2 possible candidates I’ve heard of so far I’d have to go with him only because I have severe reservations about Hunkins. I know both candidates personally – for years each – and as a human being & speaking ethics, gotta throw in with Simpson. One thing for sure – his whole fam has been in politics for generations & all have proven to be fabulous stewards of Wyo. Yep – we in Park county love Rep. Cubin….

  6. Congrats! I only had dig you out of moderation this time (as opposed to going all the way to the spam filter)

    My concern with Simpson is more on the social conservative issue (pro life, DOMA). At this point in time, his position on those issues blocks my endorsement of him.

    I met Mr. Hunkins here in Cody last Oct. and I saw a decent man. The debate that he had with the Governor was good, and truth be told, there seemed to be a sense of harshness on the Gov’s part.

  7. Simpson is light years better than Cubin. Cubin has missed more votes in the House than all but three people, two of whom are dead, leaving our state utterly unrepresented on many bills and issues. She is scornful of constituents and her staff lies to them freely to get them off the line when they call with concerns. She accepted not only money but big gifts from Abramoff — unapoligetically. And she threatened to slap a man in a wheelchair because he dared to raise good points in a debate. Not my pick.

  8. Man From Laramie, be forewarned that there are a number of Barbara Cubin supporters that read and comment on this blog. You’re free to have your opinions, but once your comment is noticed, it is likely to evoke strong emotion. As long as we’re civil about our disagreement and forthcoming discussion (that would be all of us 🙂 ), I have no problem hosting it.

    I wish Rep. Cubin was present more often too. A lot of us in Wyoming go through those cycles of “why couldn’t she have been there?” However, at the same time, we know that she is caring for her ill husband and that when she is there, she’s a fighter for the state. I would also presume that on most votes she misses, her vote is not a deciding factor in passage or defeat of legislation. Just some throughts.

    One other thing, Rep. Cubin did not, repeat, did not “threaten to slap a man in a wheelchair.” She told said man in wheelchair, in a private discussion that he couldn’t wait to spin to the media, that anyone else (i.e. a person other than her) would have slapped him. I really don’t believe she wished violence on the man. She just has problems when people come across as not being supportive of our troops and their cause.

  9. According to the Casper Star-Tribune, the remark which triggered her response was not about “supporting our troops.” It pointed out her relationship to Jack Abramoff and the largesse which he had shown her. Interestingly, just yesterday Ms. Cubin sent a letter to a Federal judge asking that he show leniency toward J. Steven Griles, an Abramoff associate who worked at the department of the Interior and used his position to give advantage to Abramoff’s clients. When questioned by Congress about his actions, he lied. Ms. Cubin and Tom Sansonetti (one of the people who has applied to the Wyoming Republican party to be appointed to fill Craig Thomas’ shoes) have both written to the judge asking that Griles be given a slap on the wrist. Even the staunchest Republican should be aghast at this behavior. It tarnishes the image of the Republican party and suggests that Ms. Cubin is indeed beholden to Abramoff and his associates.

  10. […] enough, it’s not from the long-speculated Rep. Collin Simpson (RINO-Cody). This is from the lesser-known motivational speaker and part time substitute teacher […]

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