Posted by: Scott | Friday, June 15, 2007

Scratching Stith Off My List

Four of the 71 WYGOP Central Committee Members are seeking to succeed the late Sen. Craig Thomas.  One quote from one of the four has whittled my list down. Clark Stith is now deported, excommunicated, call it what you want, from my list of acceptable candidates (emphasis my own):

Four members of the Republican Central Committee – the panel of 71 representatives from every county who will select the three finalists – also were candidates. One, Rock Springs attorney Clark Stith, said he would have someone else vote in his place.

“I believe the Republican Party is at a crossroads,” he said. “We need to be a big-tent party based upon the principles of limited government and recognition of states’ rights.”

He said his experience with immigration and environmental law were assets.

And I believe that where I’m at, on the moderate side of the Republican Party, that’s where the voters are, too,” he said.

I agree with Mr. Stith – – the party is at a crossroads. Some of us are getting really irritated at the big-tent ideology. We don’t want a big tent; it confuses the people that are trying to figure out how to mark their ballots! How can you be a big-tent party which, in my understanding, is accepting and tolerant of all views, and be based solely on small government/state’s rights principles?

I pinged this post last November, but it’s worth pinging again. It comes from a pastor/blogger in Denver, CO. Let me go ahead and give the quote to watch for:

My Republican Party has embraced a “big tent” philosophy in recent years that I believe needs to be reevaluated.  I don’t think people like the “Governator” belong in my Party.  Republicans always have and always should remain pro-life.  It is one of the most significant distinctions between us and the Dems…at least it used to be.  I was reading in my local newspaper this morning in a story about our governor-elect, Bill Ritter, a [D]emocrat who’s also pro-life.  I was shocked to read a statement from the Democratic leader in the statehouse saying that “the Democratic Party is a ‘big tent’ Party.”  I sighed.

There is a conservative base in our country that is strong and well.  They’re just a bit…disillusioned, and rightly so.

Here’s hopin’ for a small tent in composing the list of candidates for the Governor to choose from.



  1. I saw part of that Stith comment yesterday, the “big tent” part. At first I just wondered if he even knew what that meant, but since you’ve added the “moderate” part, it seems clear to me that he knows and approves of what it means! No thank you Colin Stith.

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