Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bio Comments That Stand Out

Remember the link I had to the Casper Star page that had candidate bios the other day? Well, forget it. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle has a much better page as you don’t have to click a link by the candidate’s name to get the scoop!

I have perused the page and here are some interesting things that stand out to me that I have not yet known (thus Ray Hunkins being a conservative and not running in ’08 is not mentioned, as well as Cale Case being a RINO):

  • Not Running in ’08
    Apparently Ray Hunkins is not alone in the “let the voter’s choose who fills the balance” camp. Other candidates that made a commitment to not run for election in ’08 are

    • Jan Charles Gray: A resort owner, attorney, and owner of 11 radio stations from Casper.
    • Clif McCrady: A Casper community services specialist that served in a staff position in the CA State legislature and U.S. House; he also has no desire to run for office, just serve.
    • Charles C. Young: A Rawlins physician.
  • Craig Thomas Conservatives?
    Some are Making no secret about being solid conservatives

    • Larry French, a Powell insurance agent stated in his application “I have always thought it would be interesting and very important to bring a true conservative and Western perspective to the U.S. Senate. I have a heart for Wyoming business and agriculture and will be an effective voice in the Senate for Wyoming issues.”
    • Ron Michel, a Ft. Bridger rancher was quoted as saying “The foundation of our nation is not based on government, but on the family. I will work to support traditional family values and implement policies to protect and support the American family.”
    • Tom Sansonetti, a Cheyenne attorney and chief of staff for then Rep. Craig Thomas (’89-’90) looks to continue the conservatism of the late Senator: “…I viewed firsthand Craig’s conservative political philosophy and as applied to federal legislation in general and Wyoming issues in particular. I share his conservative viewpoints and as interim senator would vote accordingly.”
  • Red Flags: Statements that make you wonder…
    Yes, every group has one, and this group is no exception

    • Laramie attorney John Holtz states he is known as a “consensus builder.” Is he headed for John McCain’s club if appointed?
    • Randall Luthi, former House Speaker and current Deputy at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now ready to go the plate for Wyoming: “I would like to continue the legacy of Senator Thomas by making the federal government more responsive to individual rights, state rights and multiple use of public lands.” Must be feeling a lot of heat over “not being able to help” Wyoming’s right to manage wolves in his current position.

There’s my wrap up for now. Will see what I can learn at the Park County GOP meeting at the Irma this afternoon.


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