Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fastest Blog in the West!

I have a good excuse for the delay in this posting. I had to work this morning, so I’m getting caught up on the news. Would you believe that an above-average, everyday, normal citizen can get the news out faster than the big media of Wyoming? Well, believe it, because this morning it happened! The 10 quarter finalists were announced and Tieki Rae must have been in the fast lane of the information superhighway, because there was a near 90 minute lag between her post and the CST blog post.

Sad news that my favorite candidate, Larry French, did not make the list. Also sad that my “no way” candidates – – Colin Simpson, Cale Case, and Clark Stith – – did make the list. Troublesome that my questionable candidates (Randall Luthi and Matt Mead) also made the list.

For all the latest, or should I say earliest, happenings in Casper, stay tuned to Haemet Yeshachrer Otcha.



  1. Sorry, Scott, to rain on your post, but you have a few inaccuracies here. Tieki Rae just barely beat Casper Star Tribune’s blog. In fact, CST’s post says 11:20, while Tieki Rae’s says 11:21, but I think TR’s computer has a fast clock. 🙂

    Also, Stith is out. He was #11.

    Have a groovy day!

  2. April, all corrections appreciated and welcome here (as long as they are done decently as you just did).

    My calculation was based on the time stamp that Bloglines was showing for the last update and the time stamp that was shown on CST’s blog. I had wondered if there was a time zone difference or something, but I do thank you for calling me on it.

    Thanks also for slowing my brain down. I saw that Stith had received more votes than your dad and inadvertently lumped him into the “on the list that I didn’t really want on the list” group. Whew! Still sad that he was 11 and your dad 16 though.

    Keep up the good photography and blogging!

  3. Thanks for the link, Scott 🙂 And Case wasn’t in the top 10 either, thankfully! Really Simpson and Mead are the only “absolutely not” candidates of mine that moved ahead. I don’t think they made too strong of a showing, but we’ll see soon enough.

  4. Oh, and I meant to say, I’m not sure when exactly the CST blog post says it came out, but as soon as I posted, I kept checking their site and there was at least a 15-30 minute lag before they had it up. I’m not sure why on earth they were so slow.

  5. Well, their latest post (the one entitled “the final vote, perhaps”) took a full seven minutes from when they typed it to when it was posted. I wonder whether they need to get the posts approved by editors before they’re actually posted? Who knows?

    Regardless, good job, Tieki Rae, for your great coverage!

  6. OK, so now that it’s known across the state, country, and world that I need to enroll in a reading class…. 😀

    I have to admit I was celebrating quite a bit when I went to pick up dinner for Grandma. On my way back from DQ, (shortly after 5 PM) I tuned into Wyo. Public Radio to see what kind of coverage there was, and it was just a standard news report, but the five had been announced, and I was tremendously overjoyed when I didn’t hear Colin Simpson in the list.

    Thanks again, Tieki Rae for being an excellent blog correspondent for this major event. Travel safe back to Lander!

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