Posted by: Scott | Sunday, June 24, 2007

Theme Change (again)

I’ve changed themes, again, which if you read this entirely by RSS, you’d never know. However, if you let RSS notify you of new posts and then read the post on the blog, you’d know the instant you arrived.

Some, including but not limited to Jennifer, may be wondering “Why another theme change?” The only thing I can think to attribute it to is my weirdness 😉

Speaking of Jennifer and weirdness in the same paragraph, belated congrats to Jennifer on winning my comment of the week the last week.

The header image for this current layout, theme, set up, whatever you want to call it, can be found here.



  1. I like this theme 🙂

  2. I especially like the wider post area, though I do wish there were two sidebars. However, I was willing to sacrifice sidebar space for a wider post area and customizable header.

  3. I like the new theme as well. It seems a bit more organized. 😉

  4. Yes! This theme is very soothing. I love that photo. No more comments this time on how your changing blog templates reflects your relationship status.

    By the way, I’m honored to have won the comment of the week ™ award! Though let’s be honest, that one just wrote itself. What else could you say when confronted with a photo of a guy standing next to a freaky looking doll bride?

  5. Well, the approval ratings are just in and I seem to be doing much better than congress A Gallop poll with at least four respondents finds that they overwehlmingly approve of the blog’s new look. 🙂

    Jennifer, I presume you are talking about the current header picture as being the one that you love? I know that the “wedding picture” nearly caused you to loose your tea, but the connotation that comes across when you typed “love that picture” seems to be indicative of a soothingness found in the scenery of a calm lake reflecting mountains at dusk.

    Of course, the comment is squished right in between a complement about the theme soothingness and a comment about not commenting about my relationship status and how it relates to my changing blog themes.

    Back to the wedding picture, you’re the only one that’s said anything about it, so there must not be much more to say about it 🙂 At any rate it wasn’t just the humorous expression about the picture that gave you the prize, it was also the reassurance of continued friendship in spite of (or perhaps more accurately, because of) my weirdness.

  6. […] other day and noticed that it looked a little stale. I wasn’t ready for a total overhaul with a new theme, but a new header can do wonders to spruce things […]

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