Posted by: Scott | Monday, June 25, 2007

Rep. Simpson on the WYGOP Central Committee

Just heard this on the opening segment of KODI’s Speak Your Piece. State Reps Colin Simpson and Pat Childers (districts 24 and 50 respectively) are the guests. Here’s what Rep. Simpson had to say about his recent bid to become Wyoming’s neext Senator:

The Central Committee is a lot more conservative than I perceived it to be.

The Cody Rep. went on to talk about the apparent push to keep him out of the upper tier (though he did make the first cut), because of differences in positions that he has taken and the “extreme conservatives” in the Central Committee.

Rep. Simpson believes that he would do better in an election rather than a nomination/appointment process, on the notion that the voters (in his opinion) share his vales more than the Central Committee. For the record, this is one voter that wouldn’t vote for him, unless (and that’s a big unless) he had a huge change in his assorted undesirable-to-the-Central-Committee-positions.

Just before the close of the opening segment, he said “Historically, the Simpson family and the Central Committee haven’t played well.”

Though he didn’t go into the specific differences, this is probably the most honest that I’ve heard the Representative be about his “moderate-conservatism.”



  1. The Central Committee is more conservative that Simpson? Surprise! 😉 He really doesn’t have a chance against Cubin if she decides to run again. Say what you will for the Democrats “nearly” beating her, but there is no way the WYGOP voters will select a RINO. I just can’t see it happening at the state level.

  2. Oh, yea, the potential Cubin/Simpson Battle of ’08… She could easily defeat Rep. Simpson.

    Then again, and this is purely speculation, maybe he was being more covert in his campaign announcement for one of the Senate Seats. Either way, Sen. Enzi (if he runs again) or Sen. Barrasso could make the case against him.

    BTW, the most recent rating of Colin Simpson from WYNARAL is a 67% in ’03; down from 100% in ’01 and ’02.

  3. It always sucks for a lib to find out that the WY GOP Central Committee is more conservative than once thought. Oh well, what’d you do? Apparently try your luck at beating a girl for the only US Representative in WY. If Cubin decides to run, here’s hoping she mops the floor with Simpson.

  4. […] Rep. Simpson has noted that he himself is not quite as conservative as his wife (as well as the WYGOP Central Committee) and Mrs. Simpson seemed quite supportive of Fred Thompson, noting that Wyoming Right to Life had […]

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