Posted by: Scott | Monday, June 25, 2007

Sonsonetti Endorses Barrasso ’08

Sen. Barrasso hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already challengers are lining up for the August 2008 Primary Election. Well one is anyway. Cynthia Lummis, one of the nominees submitted to the Governor, has announced the speculation that she might challenge Wyoming’s junior senator to fill the balance of the term begun by the late Sen. Craig Thomas. Maybe she thinks she has more charm with the voters since it’s not a huge secret about the disdain that exists between her and the Governor (a Democratic).

Meanwhile, Tom Sansonetti, also a nominee on WYGOP’s list of three, has stated that he will not challenge Sen. Barrasso in ’08. You might say he’s given his endorsement to elect Sen. Barrasso:

I’m a loyal Republican in that regard, and we need what’s best for the state, and what’s best for the state is that John go back there and get some seasoning, jump into the fray, build up some seniority and put it to good use for Wyoming in the future.

And what about the Democratics? State Party Chairman Bill Luckett expects that a number of Democratics will be running in the 2008 special election.



  1. Huh. That’s interesting that Lummis has basically announced her candidacy. She doesn’t have a chance unless she changes her “Miss America” approach to politics. That’s the latest comparison I’ve heard about her presentation at the central committee meeting. Too smiley! Too nice! Not nearly serious enough.

    As for Sansonetti, I really like him. If we ever have an open seat again, I would definitely support him. Maybe he could run for governor?

  2. Hmmm, a Sonsonetti Gubernatorial run for an open seat in 2010 (provided the Gov doesn’t challenge and get the term limits law overturned). Sansonetti could be a very good Chief Executive of the State.

  3. Lummis is annoying. On a better note, Sansonetti is a class act. Good for him!

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