Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Support the Troops Rally Coming to Cody

A nationwide Troop Support Rally is scheduled for 07-07-07 with most states participating. We may be the only state not having it in the capital, but in Wyoming the rally is coming to the State Team Leader, Laura Brown, President/Founder of Laptops for the Wounded.

The Wyoming event is to be held July 7 from 1100-1400 at the Wyoming Vietnam Memorial on Highway 14-16-20, just west of Yellowstone Regional Airport on Cody’s east side.

The purpose of the event is to bring together the American public all across the USA to show support to our troops – all of them from recruits to our oldest warriors. Many were never given a proper welcome home, thanks, nor most importantly – HONOR.

Laura Brown is working hard (with less than 3 weeks advance notice) to arrange the event in Cody and continues to be in significant need of sponsors, vendors, VETERANS – and we would love to have some veterans who would speak to the morale factor of having the support of their fellow Americans. Other speakers are also invited – please contact Laura.

This is a non-partisan event and is a STATE-WIDE invitation to attend this first event of its kind!!!

Laura Brown has been working on a similar rally in conjunction with her Laptops for the Wounded organization.

Right now there is this one for OAR that is being held in many state capitals. But since it is tooooo hard to pull something like that together by one or two or three people in a place like Wyoming they asked me last week if I would put it together for July 7th.

In addition to this being a state wide invitation for Wyoming, Laura Brown notes that neither Montana nor South Dakota have scheduled an Operation America Rising event, so they are certainly invited to attend the Wyoming event.

Operation America Rising is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Kansas with the purpose of providing this honor to our troops and veterans. For more information about OAR, visit their website at
or for information regarding the event in Cody, contact Laura Brown, or 307-587-9371.



  1. Thanks Scott!!!! This is coming up fast and hoping to have a decent outcome as I sent a press release to every Wyo newspaper I could find online….hopefully we will have a good turnout and enough room for an amazing turnout!!!! See you on July 7th!!!!

  2. You’re welcome! Those short-notice events are always fun in trying to get the word out.

    Special thanks to for linking to this post.

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