Posted by: Scott | Thursday, June 28, 2007

Contacting Sen. Barrasso

Wondering how you can contact Wyoming’s Junior Senator until his website gets up and running? Well, here’s an easy and FREE way to get in touch with both Wyoming Senators:

  1. Pick an issue that’s important (immigration, Yellowstone’s East Gate, etc…)
  2. Call Sen. Mike Enzi’s office toll free at 1-888-250-1879
  3. Leave your message for Sen. Enzi (name and address are required) and ask about contacting Sen. Barrasso.
  4. Hold for the transfer.
  5. A staff member of Sen. Barrasso’s office will answer and gladly take your message for him (again, name and address required).

I know this works because I just tried it. Called regarding the immigration issue, thanking both Senators for their votes on Tuesday and encouraged them to vote the same today. Also, I threw in a congratulatory statement for Senator Barrasso.



  1. This is good news for a change. Two Senators actually making it easy for Americans to contact them. All Senators should have #800 numbers. I especially like the transfer process to the other Senator. Making life much more convenient.

  2. It is very nice. I believe this is the fist time that I’ve phoned in to my Senators. Usually I send an e-mail, but since our Junior Senator doesn’t have a website yet (today is only his fourth day), I figured I bet I could phone into our Senior Senator and either leave a message for both, get a number, or get transferred.

    The Triple 8 number on Sen. Enzi’s site made the thought all the more appealing.

  3. Wyoming is blessed with two awesome Senators. We know that the late Senator Thomas would have voted the exact same way as these two. I only wish our politicians at the state level had half as much sense.

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